Health insurance for scholarship holders in Germany

Accessibility for everyone

As you might have read in the main article about health insurance in Germany or in the main article about health insurance for scholarship holders, in Germany everyone has to be insured in a health insurance. It is also required in the visa process and to obtain a residence permit.

For scholarship holders it is usually not possible to enrol in the commonly used public health insurance. The only option is to choose a private health insurance.

DeGiS offers substitutive health insurance options in collaboration with many insurance companies. One of them is Hallesche Health Insurance. The insurance tariffs with Hallesche have been developed as a DeGiS group contract and it is exclusively accessible through DeGiS*.

Insurance advantages with DeGiS – Hallesche

Next to high coverages, an important feature of this insurance contract is, that it can be concluded without any health check questionnaire if the application is made 6 weeks after the arrival to Germany.

Who is eligible for the insurance?

Basically you have to be a scholarship holder to get access to DeGiS – Hallesche. The tariffs are open to the following groups:

If you are a self-funded scientist, but you desire to conclude the DeGiS – Hallesche, then please talk to us on an individual basis.

There are two insurance tariffs offered under the DeGiS group insurance – scheme with Hallesche. The first tariff is called BD2 and it can be concluded if you are a non-EU scholar for the first 60 months of your stay in Germany. Afterwards, or if you are an EU scholar, the tariff DGOP2 is the right choice. That sounds confusing? As said, we lend you a helping hand navigating through it.

Please note that scholarship holders who exercise their scholarship exclusively abroad, can not be insured with this insurance offer.

What is the insurance coverage?

The coverage for both tariffs, the BD2 and the DGOP2 is the same. You can find a find an overview in the table below. For more information, please refer to the Insurance Terms and Conditions at the end of this page.

CoverageTariff BD2
100%Pre-existing health conditions covered if concluded within 6 weeks after arrival to Germany
100%Outpatient, medical treatment and psychotherapy
100%Medicine and dressings
100%Preventive medical check-up according to programs implemented by law in Germany
Up to 260 EUR (every 2 years)Visual aids
100%Dental treatment
80%, up to EUR 1,025 per yearDental prostheses
100%Inpatient treatment in a two- or multi-bed room, including private medical treatment
100%Pregnancy and delivery
100%Reimbursement on repatriation transportation
Up to 15,000 EURRepatriation in case of death or funeral in Germany
Territorial validityValid worldwide

What is long term care or nursing care insurance (PVN)?

Long term care, or in other words nursing care insurance, is a compulsory insurance and is always requested by the health insurance. The abbreviation for the nursing care insurance is PVN, which stands for Private Pflegeversicherung.

What is daily sickness allowance (EKT43)?

The daily sickness allowance gets you covered when you are ill for more than 6 weeks (42 days). From day 43 you will then get the insured amount (€50 in this case) for each day of illness after the six weeks.

How much is the insurance coverage?

The price differs mainly because of your age for the insurance tariff and the long term care coverage which is by law mandatory to conclude. Also the daily sickness allowance has its price, depending on your age.. The coverage for both tariffs BD2 and DGOP2 is the same, the price however differs and is cheaper for non-EU scholar for the first 60 months of the stay in Germany (tariff BD2), because no contribution to retirement provisions (old-age provisions) have to be paid, which is the case (by law) for the DGOP2.

Please see the pricing below:

AgeTariff DGOP2 Tariff BD2 Tariff PVN Tariff PVNDaily sickness allowance EKT43 (€50)

You can also find the insurance premiums in the following official documents:

To calculate your premium, please choose the tariff, find your age and add the premium for the health- and nursing care insurance. The age at entry, will be calculated from the current year minus your year of birth. There you go.

How to apply to DeGiS – Hallesche?

DeGiS is here to help, so we will also help you with concluding your health insurance. Therefore the following steps need to be pursued:

  1. Prepare early: once you know that you will be coming to Germany, please get in touch with us as we only have a short time window to get your insurance set-up after your arrival.
  2. From abroad: you ideally already apply from abroad, so that the insurance company can already prepare your insurance contract.
  3. Apply: you need to hand in several information to DeGiS. For this, please submit the information needed (see below) to . We will then as a service pre-fill your insurance contract and the application for the the private compulsory nursing care insurance with the data provided, so you only need to double check and sign digitally if you want to go for it (still you have revocation right, so do not worry). We will then hand in your application to the insurance company Hallesche and keep you posted.
  4. Dependents: if you want to co-insure your dependents, e.g. spouse and/or child(ren), we will also help you with that. Just let us know and we take it from there.
  5. In Germany: you need to hand in a proof that you have come to Germany. This can be a flight ticket or a picture of your passport with the entry stamp. Your insurance will then be activated and you get your confirmation.
  6. Pay: you will need to pay the insurance invoices yourself. Therefore we advise you to set up a bank account as early as possible. You can find a current account comparison here.
  7. That’s it, enjoy your academic path in Germany!

Information needed to apply

Below you can find the information we need to help you applying for your Health insurance

Once again about the process: please submit the information needed to We will then pre-fill your insurance contract and the application for the the private compulsory nursing care insurance with the data provided, so you only need to double check and sign digitally if you want to go for it (still you have revocation right, so do not worry). We will then hand in your application to the insurance company Hallesche and keep you posted.

All documents in one place

Here you can find all documents concerning the premiums and tariffs according to the German Insurance Contract Act (VVG):

You will receive the application form and further contractual data after your submission of the information needed. It takes about 48h to receive your insurance confirmation after applying.

Who is Hallesche health insurance?

HALLESCHE is a private health insurance company based in Stuttgart, which has been operating successfully on the market for over 75 years. They offer a first-class price-performance ratio and excellent customer service.

(Source: Expatriate Insurance Services)


*or via Mawista, if you are a scholarship holder of Max Planck society. Alternatives are also existing via e.g. IHC Company