Our Team

What makes DEGIS extraordinary are our people. It’s mostly managed by international students and recent graduates, who faced all possible challenges of studying in Germany themselves and are eager to make a difference for the international community. The DEGIS National Team is located in Berlin, but our City Chapters run by volunteers are spread all over Germany in cities of all sizes.

Who is part of our national team?

Our National Team is as international as our community. Team members from Germany, India, Brazil, and Belarus. The team is highly motivated and united to build the largest community for international students in Germany. Check out their individual stories below.

Carolina Figueiredo

Carolina graduated in Law from her hometown of Goiania, Brazil. She quickly embarked on a career path with civil society organizations, demonstrating her leadership skills within AIESEC, an international students organization. In 2015, she excelled as the Head of Public Relations and Government Affairs for the Brazilian chapter. Seeking further knowledge and growth, she pursued a Masters in Public Administration at Germany’s renowned Hertie School of Governance in 2020, focusing her thesis on community building for social innovation. Today, as the General Manager of DEGIS, Carolina combines her legal background, leadership experience, and academic achievements to drive positive change and inspire social innovation.

Jennifer Knell

Jennifer has always had a strong passion for making a difference. Following the completion of her secondary education, she dedicated a year of her life to volunteering in the United States, where she worked tirelessly with juveniles. Motivated by her experiences, she decided to relocate to Berlin and began her journey towards a Bachelor’s degree in social science at Humboldt University.

Today, Jennifer holds a crucial role as the head of Public Affairs at DEGIS, where she effectively leverages her knowledge and expertise to navigate the realm of public relations. With her diverse background and commitment to social causes, Jennifer is an invaluable asset, driving impactful initiatives and fostering positive change within the organization.

Aarushi Goel

Aarushi Goel, originally from India, completed her primary and higher education in Mathematics in New Delhi. Motivated by her passion for the subject, she chose to continue her studies at Freie Universitaet Berlin for a master’s degree. In August 2021, while starting her two-year program, she joined DEGIS as a volunteer for the Berlin City Chapter, leading a team of 15 individuals and driving progress for the chapter. She joined the National team and took a vital role in DEGIS’ organizational development and contributed as a dedicated Vice President handling onboarding of new members for over a year after which she was promoted as the Head of Network, handling the DEGIS community for International Students in Germany.

Alexander Ruthemeier

Alex’s transformative journey commenced with a work abroad program in Singapore, where he was exposed to a vibrant mix of cultures. This experience ignited his vision of creating a world where international students could effortlessly assimilate into Germany. Driven by his passion for promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating migration, he co-founded Expatrio and subsequently emerged as a key figure in the establishment of DEGIS. Today, he serves as DEGIS Managing Director, steering the organization towards its goals with remarkable expertise and dedication.