Like-minded DEGIS partners

DEGIS, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting international students in Germany, is actively seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations to fulfill our mission.

By collaborating with us, you can join our efforts to empower and assist international students in achieving their dreams and goals. Together, we can create innovative programs, provide comprehensive support, and develop initiatives that address their unique needs. Join us in building a vibrant and inclusive community for international students in Germany by contacting us to explore partnership opportunities. Together, we can make a lasting impact on their educational journey and help them overcome challenges they may face.

Who are our partners?

Our partners are as diverse as our community. They come from the private and public sector, are large and small in size and have various different aims. What they do have in common is that the share the core values of DEGIS: diversity, endurance, globalization, internationality and sustainability.

Check out below to see who they are and what they do.

If you want to become a partner, email us on and we will be happy to talk about it!


Mondelēz International is a leading snacking company employing around 91 000 people worldwide. Learn more about our amazing world full of iconic brands like Milka, OREO, Philadelphia, Cadbury and #tastethefuture


Expatino specializes in helping international students and professionals thrive in Germany, offering a tailored English-speaking job market designed to ease the transition into the country.