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What is DEGIS and what are we doing?

DEGIS is a Germany’s biggest international student network. We all are or have been international students and know all the challenges that come with it. Our mission is to support every international student in Germany to reach their fullest potential and achieve their goals. We are striving to reach it in different ways: Work of our City Teams, internships, conferences, events, workshops, buddy-system, scholarships and career opportunities. Join one of our City Teams to become a part of our community and to support us in our mission.

The Mission of DEGIS: Support every international student in Germany to reach their fullest potential and achieve their goals.

What is volunteering with DEGIS like?

Everyone can engage with DEGIS! You can be an international or German student, just bring 2-3 hours per week, some motivation and you can start right away. You will build a great network, develop yourself and create unforgettable memories during your studies and beyond.

Join one of the city teams, visit events and conferences, find new friends and have the time of your life! Gather experience in marketing, business development, human resources, event management and leadership roles.

PS: In case there is no city team of DEGIS in your city yet, you can start one. We will support you in this. Just sign-up and we will come back to you.

In a nutshell:

  • No previous experience is required, only motivation
  • Start from 2-3 hours per week
  • Join a cool team in your city and work on projects & events together
  • Take over responsibility and learn new skills
  • Gather leadership experience and challenge yourself
  • Support other international students
  • Represent your culture in Germany
  • Get an official certificate for your volunteering engagement

Available roles

Business Development Manager:

Expand the reach of your city team through strong partnerships. Build relationships with universities and business partners.

Marketing Manager:

Make your work known to everyone through social media and on campus. Build reach and relationships with your local community.

HR Manager:

Recruit, onboard & develop members and build a great culture in your community.

Project & event manager:

Organise events and projects in your city to create a positive impact and to support international students.

Global Ambassador:

Represent your nationality and culture in Germany and make DEGIS known in your home country for potential students in Germany.

(Vice) President:

Manage an area and lead a team of other students and grow the community.

Hear what our members say:

“Thanks to DeGiS I have settled in Germany much easier. Found friends in my city and didn’t have to spend my Friday night at the dorm.”

Ricardo, 25 y.o., 🇲🇽 Mexico

“Got my internship via a contact at DeGiS very seamlessly. Couldn’t think of any job platform which would make it that straightforward.”

Xue, 21 y.o., 🇨🇳 China

“Not only have I had the chance to meet other internationals in my city, but I also saw a lot more of Germany than I could have imagined when coming here due to DeGiS.”

Hassan, 22 y.o., 🇪🇬 Egypt

“Even though I have been to Germany before starting my Erasmus semester here, I have never had the chance to experience it in a way I could with DeGiS.”

Antoine, 20 y.o., 🇫🇷 France



No, DEGIS membership is and will stay completely free.
It is very flexible and depends on the projects you will be responsible for, but you can already start with 2-3 hours per week. Leadership roles, for which you can apply specifically, will demand more involvement of course and it can go up to 10 hours per week.
Just visit this link and register through the form. We will contact you personally to arrange the interview to get to know you better. Don’t worry, the interview is there to understand your preferences and needs better and to assign you to the right team.
You are very welcome to join as a German student as well, if you connect to the mission of the organisation. The official language of DEGIS is and will stay English though.
You can subscribe to the newsletter and join the Facebook community. You can only start your active membership once in Germany.
As a member of DEGIS you build a great network of like- minded ambitious people who also want to make a difference in the world. You also get access to scholarships, events, workshops, conferences, buddy-system and gain valuable leadership skills, as well as countless hard and soft skills.

Generally, volunteering engagement by students is highly valued in Germany and worldwide by the employers. Especially as an international student it is increasing your chances to get the job of your dreams through connections that you build, skills you develop and experiences you can put on your CV.
Yes, you can be both. An active member/volunteer has an active role in the organisation and is expected to invest time for the assigned responsibilities. They have regular meetings and events, gather practical skills and have special benefits, such as a certificate and special training.
Community members are members of the Facebook group or subscribers to the newsletter. They can also participate in the events, apply for scholarships and join everything that DEGIS offers publicly, but are not expected to invest any time.
Depending on the team and area, you will get responsibilities that are connected to the DEGIS mission. You will also be able to decide inside of your city team what you would like to do, so it’s pretty open. Usually you will be organising community events, charitable activities, workshops, trips, build-up connections with the university, connect with local companies, do social media marketing, lead a project team, etc. You can decide how much responsibility you would like to take over. Either way, it should be fun.

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