2023 ISG Summit

2023 ISG SUMMIT: Uniting Minds, Igniting Change

The 2023 ISG Summit brought together 100 Delegates from 25 countries and 20 German cities. Featuring 14 hours of captivating content and 5 incredible keynote speeches, the summit left participants inspired. Guided by the charismatic Liam Carpenter, the event buzzed with energy. 

With international students from across Germany in attendance, the ISG Summit created an incredible platform to connect with one another and draw inspiration from exceptional speakers who had overcome challenges akin to their own. With the event now concluded, its primary objective of addressing shared issues among international students and fostering collaborative problem-solving has been successfully achieved.

Imagine a room buzzing with energy and ideas as international students from all walks of life gather for a workshop at the ISG Summit. Their mission? To brainstorm solutions for the challenges faced by students in Germany. From navigating the labyrinth of bureaucratic processes like Anmeldung to dealing with doctor appointments, making friends, and battling homesickness, nothing was off the table. Divided into groups, these students combined their diverse perspectives and experiences, fueled by a shared goal: to make life easier for fellow international students. Discussions were intense, fueled by passion and a genuine desire to create meaningful change.

As we bid farewell to this year’s summit, we eagerly await the next gathering, where new connections will be made and the spirit of growth and unity will thrive once again. Until we meet again at the ISG Summit, let’s carry the inspiration and collaboration gained here forward in our journeys as international students. See you next year!

A special thank you goes out to our keynote speakers: Ana Alvarez, Jonathan Becker, Ximena Docarmo, Thamires Herzing, Mikalai Vicheuski, and our wonderful host, Liam Carpenter.

The event was also sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF)

Read here the short report of our event