Travel Health Insurance overview

A Travel Health Insurance covers you – as the name says – during your travels. This can be for a few days or in some cases even for a few years. When moving to Germany, for your visa you will be required to show a minimum health insurance coverage. For this, a travel health insurance (or in other words an “incoming health insurance”) is often chosen as it is relatively easy to conclude and there is no or just a few questions about your health condition.

Travel Health Insurance acceptance

As said, the travel health insurance – if chosen with a minimum overage as specified as so called “Schengen insurance” – will be the product of choice for the visa process. It is widely recognised and accepted by the German Mission Abroad (Embassies and Consulates) and if you bring along a Blocked Account, there will probably no issues. However, when being in Germany and applying for the residence permit, many local Foreigners Authorities will not accept the travel health insurance due to its limited coverage – because the coverage is not on at least on the level of the Public Health Insurance.


DEGIS strongly recommends to take out either the Public Health Insurance or the Substitutive Private Health Insurance coverage in case you are staying for more than 90 days in Germany!

Travel Health Insurance coverage

As easy as the access to the health insurance is, the limited is the coverage. As the premium is oftentimes also quite low (see below), this doesn’t come as a surprise. The travel health insurance is a good coverage for medical emergencies and you will get a wide range of treatments during the insured period.

On the other hand, there are limitations as there will be limited coverage for many treatments. Furthermore, there will also be no coverage or waiting periods for (exemplarily):

As you can see, the travel health insurance is easy to access and good for the first few weeks in Germany, but not a product that covers you perfectly over the period of a longer stay.

Travel Health Insurance pricing

Many travel health insurances start with cheap prices of about €7-10 per month. For the most commonly used providers (see comparison below), prices range from ca. €30 per month to €80. The higher the pricing, the better the coverage.

Travel Health Insurance comparison

You, you can opt for one of the most prominent providers Care Concept, DR-WALTER or Mawista (in alphabetic order):