DAAD group insurance with coverage of pre-existing conditions for scholarship holders at partner organisations of the DAAD

If you are a scholarship holder at a partner organisation of the DAAD, it is possible to insure yourself with the DAAD’s group insurance. The insurance company behind the tariff (internally 790D) is Continentale Krankenversicherung. The DAAD group insurance includes not only health insurance but also liability and accident insurance. It offers the advantage that older persons can also be accepted and that it can cover other chronic pre-existing conditions (excluding HIV, cancer, kidney failure, blood disease or multiple sclerosis).

If you rather want to compare health insurances for scholars, please refer to our dedicated DeGiS overview page.

Who can be insured in DAAD group insurance?

The insurance can only be taken out by foreign scientist as well as their accompanying family members who are supported or funded by a partner organization of the DAAD. Children can only be insured if the promoted person is insured at the same time. An own accident or liability insurance for children is not applicable.


Apply here for your insurance online: quick, easy and either in English or German.


How much is the DAAD group insurance?

Monthly premium:


Keep in mind to compare and refer to our dedicated DeGiS overview page.

What is insured in DAAD group insurance?

The Continentale Krankenversicherung a. G., Dortmund, provides insurance coverage in Germany and for temporary stays in the states of the Schengen Agreement according to the following terms and conditions:

For each insured event, costs shall be reimbursed for medically necessary inpatient and outpatient treatment for illness or the consequences of an accident, as well as return transport and funeral transport costs. An insured event is the medically necessary treatment of an insured person due to illness or the consequences of an accident. The insured event begins with the treatment and ends when, according to medical evidence, treatment is no longer required. The following are also considered to be insured events:


How to apply for DAAD group insurance?

To apply for the health insurance you need to have access to the DAAD portal, which you can access following this link. This how sign-up page looks like:


After sign-up, you get to the insurance part by clicking on “Versicherung”


After that, you just declare that you are coming to Germany. Furthermore, you choose the applicable tariff. In this case tariff 790D.


Afterwards, you need to answer a few personal questions to finish you application. In case of questions, you can always contact DAAD or DeGiS for further assistance.

How to contact DAAD group insurance?

If you have any questions regarding registration, duration of insurance, extension and cancellation of insurance cover (health, accident and liability insurance), please contact:

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Referat ST15 – Insurance affairs
Kennedyallee 50
53175 Bonn Germany
Phone: +49 228 882-8770
Telefax: +49 228 882-620
email: versicherungsstelle@daad.de


Further information

Additional information can be found on the insurance website of DAAD and in the dedicated flyer for tariff 790D.