AIESEC Germany

AIESEC is our NGO Partner, which supports students in doing internships or volunteering projects abroad
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What is AIESEC and what are they doing?

AIESEC is an international exchange organization that arranges internships and social projects for young people abroad.

In Germany, they are represented at 34 locations, but you can apply from anywhere and will be assigned to the closest city.

They work with NGOs and startups in various partner countries on projects such as education, equality, environment, and culture.

Internships abroad

Stand out from the crowd with an international internship!

For over 60 years, AIESEC has been enabling young people to network around the world through internships. Global Talent is an internship experience for young people who want to develop their careers in a global environment. Some of them are paid or offer additional benefits.

Volunteering Projects

With Global Volunteer, AIESEC’s program for volunteer projects and social projects abroad, you can live in a different country while supporting the local community on the ground. Their partner countries are spread all over the globe and have some of the most attractive cities in the world to offer, making Global Volunteer a fantastic way to get to know the world in a meaningful way.

Volunteering Projects abroad

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Global Classroom

The project aims to contribute to SDG #4 by providing and opening space for quality education for people of all ages, ensuring educational opportunities from initial literacy to other subjects such as mathematics, science, and languages.

Global Volunteers will directly contribute towards upscaling the literacy of the community on the basics of mathematics (numeracy), science, and languages. Activities will be running with a non-formal education method, addressing both the knowledge acquired and the development of the beneficiaries’ views in an intercultural environment.

The project aims to impact SDG #10 by fostering educational spaces on the basics of inequality as well as promoting local initiatives to tackle discrimination and inequality in the community.

Global Volunteers will be responsible for delivering workshops and dynamics on human rights, inequality, and inclusion issues. Volunteers will support students in becoming agents of change by creating local initiatives to tackle inequality in the community.

Green Leaders

The project aims to impact SDG #13 by educating communities about climate change and building action plans to reduce critical factors affecting the environment.

Global Volunteers will engage communities to become aware of the importance of taking action to stop climate change. Through the project, beneficiaries will learn about the importance of having sustainable practices and will develop solutions and initiatives to reduce the impact of climate change in their communities.

Internships Abroad

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Junior Digital Project Manager in Romania

The intern will be responsible for analyzing, measuring, and creating a facile user experience and engaging customer journey routes in order to support user engagement and traffic to the company websites & platforms by developing and managing digital marketing campaigns on social media using techniques such as paid search, SEO and PPC. The aim is to work on creating a special platform for clients to view news about their interests or profession.

Software Engineer in Austria

You will work in the SAP consulting and development team as a software engineer with a focus on JavaScript development, mainly with SAP UI5. Depending on your skills and interests, Node js, ABAP, or Java development could also be part of your work. Your developments will contribute to the customer projects, mainly in the industry sector. The company develops its own SAP-based products which enable core processes of the customers in the area of production and logistics. The company is a privately owned, dynamically growing consultancy in one of the best cities.

Business Development Manager in The Netherlands
Your role as a trainee will consist of exploring the potential of the hybrid/cloud market at medium-sized companies and organizations in Germany. There are various German companies that have already shown great interest in replacing their existing IT environment with a more secure and modern hybrid cloud solution. Xces is very eager to increase this interest in hybrid/cloud solutions of German companies and as a trainee, you will play a key role in this process! By actively taking initiative and using your entrepreneurial focus you will establish a good overview and conduct effective market research to develop an ECO system for the Xces portfolio in the German market!

Hear what our interns and volunteers say:

““Thanks to the volunteer project with AIESEC, I was able to build international friendships that I will keep in my heart for life despite the short time. I am so grateful to have shared such a beautiful experience with such great people” ”

- Christopher, Colombia

““I will never forget how my host family celebrated the Chimarrão ritual every evening and included me completely. I will definitely not lose the warmth I experienced in the family.” ”

- Vera, Brazil

““For me, the time in Bru was the best time of all because we shared so many beautiful moments there as a group. That's why this place feels like home by now.” ”

- Jannis, Island

““I recommend an internship through AIESEC to everyone, simply to reduce existing prejudices, to create understanding for other cultures, and to be able to accept every person in his or her uniqueness.” ”

- Maria, Egypt


How long does it take to secure a position for a project or internship?

For most interested parties, it takes two weeks from registration to a binding commitment for the project.

Why do I have to pay anything?

Even if you are a volunteer in a Global Volunteer project and AIESEC does not have to pay a salary, there are various costs for us. These include maintenance costs for our websites, training opportunities for our volunteer members, salaries of our permanent staff, advertising expenses, rent for office space, etc. In order to maintain financial balance and "black 0", as a non-profit organization, we rely on participation fees.

COVID 19: In what situations can I request a refund? What does it involve & how and when can I claim

You can apply for and receive a refund only if the project you were accepted for was canceled at least one month before the expected start date of the project or you are legally not allowed to travel. This means you can mail in the official refund request within 30 days before the expected start date of the project you wanted to participate in. In these cases, regardless of the situation, the refund will only include the full fee you paid to AIESEC Germany.